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N/C Quest Inc   Bio-Agtive™ Emissions Systems


      Bio-Agtive  Emissions Technology (BAET) is the culmination of experimentation and collaboration with farms across the world since 2005 by using multiple patented methods of introducing cooled exhaust from diesel engines into air tanks, seed drills, irrigation equipment and lawn equipment to eventually be captured into the soil as a catalyst to encourage microbial stiumulation, eliminating fertilizer costs.

      N/C Quest Inc Patent Pending technology provides two major components to our customer; the Bio-Agtive Emissions System (BAES) which is the mechanical system that captures, processes, and injects the exhaust emissions into the soil, and the Bio-Agtive Emissions Method (BAEM) - The theory on how the soil and the plants grow by interacting biochemically which can be enhanced by exhaust emissions. One part of the BAE Technology is useless without the other:


The BAE System: Every producer's equipment isn't the same, all systems supplied are custom built, delivered as a kit, installed on farm to fit your equipment and your crop needs.  That way you understand the inner workings of your BAE System.


 The BAE Method: We spend the time necessary to teach everyone how to use our technology with crop tours, gatherings and one on one support to properly to maximize your crop yield potential in your first years while minimizing your fossil fuel and fertilizer inputs.

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 Bio-Agtive™ Technology Introduction