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N/C Quest Inc   Bio-Agtive™ Emissions Systems


Our quest is to help agriculture to understand and practice a new way of Nitrogen and Carbon cycle management.


N/C Quest Inc is the parent company that license’s the Bio-Agtive™ Technology Method to farms at the farm gate around the world! We have over 150 farms in Canada, Jamaica, USA, Australia, England, South Africa, Tanzania, Kazakhstan and Japan are now licensed to use our Bio-Agtive™ Emissions Technology (BAET) with our distributor network continuing to grow worldwide each year.  


A distributor in your area would be more than happy to talk to you at your own farm, tell you their experiences, and help you become a better producer while improving your bottom line! For a distributor contact in your area, you can find under the Distributors and Products tab or contact


 Bio-Agtive™ Technology Introduction